We have a clear and transparent fee policy


 Immigration Solicitors

Our fee policy is clear - there are no hidden charges. Once we agree a fee with you for a particular step, steps or for your whole case, that fee will be confirmed in writing and will be presented to you in a bill. The fee will not change, and we will specify to you exactly what work the fee charged will cover.   

The fee will be set upon the basis of the amount of work that will be involved in pursuing the step or steps necessary, the complexity of the issues in the case, the amount of documentation necessary for us to read, the number of witnesses (in respect of court hearings) and the number of sureties (in the case of Tribunal and High Court bail applications).

Please note that our fees do not include disbursements that you may have to pay, such as Home Office and Entry Clearance application fees, and interpreter or expert fees. However, where such fees are necessary for you to pay, we shall discuss those with you before such costs are incurred.

Please also note that our fees are also exclusive of VAT (however, please be aware that many immigration applications do not incur VAT anyway).

For more information on our fees or to arrange a consultation with us, please call our offices on 0207 111 0979.