We will help you to understand the many routes of entry and stay in the UK

 Living in the UK

There are many categories in which people can apply to come to the United Kingdom, and all are governed by the Immigration Rules. Our dedicated staff at Aylish Alexander Solicitors will be pleased to discuss the various methods of entry to the UK with you and help you to choose the most appropriate application to suit your needs.

If you are already in the UK, you may need to extend you stay, switch categories, for instance if you came to the UK to study but have met a partner here with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life. In such circumstances we will tell you your rights and if you can switch in country, we will assist you to make the necessary application to the Home Office.

Some people are in the United Kingdom after having entered illegally, and have remained here illegally and are unaware of rights that they may have acquired whilst here or applications that they may be able to make to regularise their stay. Again, Aylish Alexander Solicitors can advise you and assist you to make such applications. Click here to find out more.